Matpol company works on internal and foreign market from 1993 year.
It is producer of tile sheets and trapezium sheets made of coated Swedish sheets.
there are offered:

  • 4 patterns of tile sheets
  • Trapeziums T-10, T-18
  • Siding from coated sheets
  • All elements connected with covering roof: foils, seals, screws.

Tile sheets can be used on roofs with gradient not lower than 14 degree.

Now we offer new product "Polish rainwater systems". Complete outer rainwater system with all accessories required for assembly.
System is produced from double-coated plates. Offered products are available in wide range of colours. Coating is made from plastisol 100 mu thickeness-double coated or from pural 50 mu - double coated.
Firm makes services on client's order (cutting sheets on required size).

Device Matpol company: good quality and low price.
Welcome to cooperation.